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ISSN : 1598-5725(Print)
ISSN : 2093-8470(Online)
Journal of Navigation and Port Research Vol.44 No.2 pp.136-143

A Basic Study on Connected Ship Navigation System

Wonjin Choi*,Seung-Hwan Jun
*Student, Graduate School of Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Busan, Korea
Professor, Division of Navigation Science, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Busan, Korea
Corresponding author, 051)410-4245* 051)410-4881


Maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS) has been developed over the years. But, there are many unresolved problems. To overcome these problems, this study proposes connected ship navigation system. The system comprises a slave ship and a master ship that leads the slave ship. To implement this system, communication network, route planning algorithms, and controllers are designed. The communication network is built using the transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/ IP) socket communication method to exchange data between ships. The route planning algorithms calculate the course and distance of the slave ship using the middle latitude sailing method. Nomoto model is used as the mathematical model of the slave ship maneuvering motion. Then, the autoregressive with exogenous variables (ARX) model is used to estimate the parameters of Nomoto model. Based on the above model, the automatic steering controller is designed using a proportional-derivative (PD) control. Also, the speed controller is designed for the slave ship to maintain constant distance from the master ship. Sea experiments are conducted to verify the proposed system with two remodeled boats.